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: 관리자 : Fri, 26 August 2022, 9:12 AM

K-Beauty Expo Announcement for Foreign Exhibitors Vol.3
Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings from Korea!

There are about 40 days left until the exhibition.
This is an announcement for your preparation, so please check the details below.

1. Exhibitor Service Manual

The link below is for downloading the manual for foreign exhibitors, and it contains almost everything you need to prepare for the exhibition.
So please read it carefully.

2. Utilities and Exhibitor Pass Application

Utilities and pass application page on K-Beauty Expo homepage has been opened.
Please note that lights, fascia board, 1 info desk and chair, 1kw of electricity, and carpet will be provided to you if you have applied for a standard booth(a schell scheme).
Of course, you can apply more if you need.

- Utilities(except furniture) : K-Beauty Expo homepage > Log-in > Utilities
- Exhibitor Pass : K-Beauty Expo homepage > Log-in > Exhibitor Pass
- Furniture : Please apply through the company below
  ㆍCompany: Sejong E&R
  ㆍPhone: +82-31-916-3330
  ㆍwebpage: www.sejongenr.com
  ※ How to apply is provided on the website.

3. Hiring interpreters

If you want to hire interpreters, please contact the company below
- Company: Eqqui
- Manager: Heajin Lee
- Pnone: +82-2-521-2709

If you have any questions regarding this email, please feel free to contact us.
we will send you another notice in early September.

K-Beauty Expo Team
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