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Natural feeling..., 98% from natural!, Black Ginseng!

Revolution series of the AIMEE SKIN LAB Co. Ltd newly established
by the Chunjihuynhwang Co. Ltd. which has researched on Korea Ginseng for over 10 years
since 2003 were given birth by Chunjihuynhwang’s performing joint research on the 3 R & D tasks with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology during 6 years.
AIMEE cosmetics are the energy starters applyng deeply the vigor and the vitality of nature into the skin tissue as well as the human body and giving powerful blow to the vitality to the skin
“The Amazing HP- Black Ginseng tm ” is used as the core material of AIMEE cosmetics

Revolution series of the AIMEE SKIN LAB Co. Ltd taking “The Amazing HP- Black Ginseng tm ”
as their core materials were given birth as the result of the task of the Korean Government with the joint research team of AIMEE Kangnam plastic surgery hospital and the Kyunghee Oriental Medicine University.

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