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※ If you are not a KOTRA invited buyer, please register through the ‘Visitor’ page, and register yourself as a buyer.

Consent to collection and use of personal information

1. Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy. Please read thoroughly and check the box if you agree.

2. The company collects the following personal information for exhibitors' application for participation in the exhibition.
① Collecting items: company name, representative name, E-mail
② Personal information collection method: Online exhibition participation application

3. The purpose of collecting information is to use the service more safely and comfortably based on the trust of members, and to provide the service smoothly to members through the site, and is always collected with the consent of the members. The company does not disclose users' personal information without prior consent of the member, and the collected information is used as follows.
① Confirmation of participation application, change and cancellation
② Contract information and exhibition booth allocation
③ Confirmation of payment of participation fee and related information
④ Information on display and removal of exhibits and related safety regulations
⑤ Other information necessary for participation in the exhibition Other information necessary for participation in the exhibition

4. As a member, while receiving the services provided by the company, your information is retained by the company and used to provide the service. However, in the event of a request for cancellation, it will be deleted in a way that cannot be reproduced.
Records on consumer complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
Records on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

5. The information entered by the member for registration, etc., is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose is achieved (separate filing cabinet in the case of paper) and according to the reasons for information protection according to internal policies and other related laws (refer to retention and usage period) It is destroyed after being stored for a certain period. Personal information transferred to a separate DB is not used for any purpose other than to be retained unless required by law.

6. Users and legal representatives can view or modify their registered personal information or the personal information of children under the age of 14 at any time, and may request termination. For inquiries and correction of personal information of users or children under the age of 14, contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by phone, or by e-mail, and we will take action without delay. If you request correction of errors in personal information, we will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed.

7. The company may change this privacy policy to revise laws and related laws or provide better services, and when changes are made, we will notify you through notice.

8. In order to protect customer's personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information, the company appoints the relevant department and personal information manager as follows.
-Name: Rosa Ma, Senior Manager
-Affiliation: KINTEX Global Business Team
-Phone number: 031-995-8844
-Email: mjs@kintex.com

You can report all personal information protection-related complaints arising out of using the company's services to the person in charge of personal information management or the department in charge. The company will provide prompt and sufficient answers to users' reports. If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.